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Using the mysterious pylon gateways, journey across worlds in this SCI-FI cinematic puzzle adventure. Pylonauts are the guardians and maintainers of these monumental interstellar portals. Their mission: to reunite a lost alien child with their own kind. On their way they must scavenge for energy, repair systems and recruit the help of other pylonaut units.


Pylonaut units are the robot custodians of the pylons. Ranging from the small and agile engineering class to the powerful but bulky heavy class, each is designed for specific tasks with their own abilities.


Dormant for aeons, the pylon systems are starved of energy and in need of repair. Pylonaut units can transfer energy between each other and the environment.


By strategically switching between 2 or more pylonaut units more complex puzzles can be solved. Many situations require brains as well as brawn.


The goal on each world is to restore the pylon gateway to working order allowing travel to the next.